Riemann P20 Spf30 Face Sun Cream 50g

  • Riemann P20 Spf30 Face Sun Cream 50g
  • Riemann P20 Spf30 Face Sun Cream 50g
  • Riemann P20 Spf30 Face Sun Cream 50g
  • Riemann P20 Spf30 Face Sun Cream 50g
  • Riemann P20 Spf30 Face Sun Cream 50g
  • Riemann P20 Spf30 Face Sun Cream 50g



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P20 Face is a light cream sunscreen specially designed to help protect against UV-induced skin damage & visible signs of premature skin aging.
Clinically tested to protect for up to 10-hours from one just application*, it’s also highly water resistant. Its light cream formula comes in an easy to use serum-style pump and is specifally designed for the face, and is also ideal for use on the neck, chest and ears.

It contains photostable UVB protection against burning and 5-star UVA protection against aging.
P20 Face can be used under make-up, and on thinning scalps and is also free from added fragrance and colourants. Suitable for the whole family, and for year-round use in the summer and winter, whether on the beach, in cities on when on the slopes.

Usage Instructions

Apply generously and evenly 15 minutes before going out in the sun. Rub in well. Pay attention to vulnerable areas such as the ears and nose. Avoid contact with the eyes. Use approximately 2 pumps (one teaspoon) for the face. Applying less sunscreen will significantly reduce protection.
Although P20 provides long-lasting, water-resistant protection, you may need to re-apply, for example after extensive sweating or towel drying. Do not stay too long in the sun even when protected.
Avoid intense midday sun. After application, ensure the skin is dry before getting dressed. Avoid contact with fabrics to help prevent staining. Follow the enclosed instructions carefully to ensure full benefit.
P20 Face can also be used under make-up and on thinning scalps.


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