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Close your eyes and cast your imagination back to Liverpool in 1790. To a time when trade took place across the waves, and goods like tobacco, sugar cane, cotton and spice arrived from the New World into the bustling docks and shipyards of Britain’s thriving port cities.
And it was here in Liverpool, the world's largest port and the heart of the British shipping empire, that an entirely unique gin was born in the newly-minted Bankhall distillery.
And it’s this rich tapestry of sights, sounds and flavours of the past that make up every drop of the Liverpool Gin we produce today. Crystalline in appearance and luscious in body, this highly distinctive, fruity and aromatic drink is crafted using the finest botanicals, handcrafted in a copper pot still, and crowned with the timeless Liver Bird emblem.
Liverpool Gin is a premium artisanal organic gin, made with only pure, certi?ed-organic botanicals to produce a highly distinctive aromatic drink.

Tasting notes

Its flavour is intense, complex, well-balanced and botanical, with bold notes of juniper over a rich cereal base, and a bright citrus ?nish. Liverpool Gin is handcrafted in limited, numbered batches, so we know not only the source, but also the destination, of every single drop.

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