Oak Aged Gin 70cl

  • Oak Aged Gin 70cl
  • Oak Aged Gin 70cl
  • Oak Aged Gin 70cl




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Product Description

Makar Oak Aged Gin is an award-winning cask matured variant of The Glasgow Distillery’s Makar Original Dry Gin.
Matured in bespoke virgin oak wood casks over 10 weeks, Makar Oak Aged Gin has an incredible golden colour, nutty flavour and a unique smoothness derived from its maturation process.
Ageing in Oak adds another layer of complexity to an already complex and bold spirit giving a delicious marriage of our vibrant, juniper-led gin with smoky notes from new European Oak. Soft on the nose, complex and lively on the tongue, with a peppery finish.
Try Makar Oak Aged Gin at the heart of a bold Negroni or combined over ginger beer with lashings of ice.
43% abv

Tasting notes

Nose: Fresh pine and smoky oak, rosemary and citrus, mellowed by soft notes of baked vanilla, warm spices and cinnamon.
Palate: Bonfire toffee opens up the palate followed by soft juniper and herbaceousvanilla, with a hint of fresh coffee and dark chocolate.
Finish: Warming peppery finish with soft smoky undertones.

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