Cask Strength 70cl

  • Cask Strength 70cl
  • Cask Strength 70cl
  • Cask Strength 70cl




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Product Description

Maker’s Mark® Cask Strength retains the signature front-of-the-palate flavours of Maker’s Mark, but amps up those flavours to offer a remarkable new bourbon.
As water evaporates from the barrels as the whisky slumbers, the proof increases. But if you’ve ever lived in Kentucky, you know our summer temperatures can fluctuate wildly –so the rate at which the bourbon becomes the “angel’s share” also differs. As a result, we’re never 100% sure what the proof will be till we open the barrels.
Maker’s Mark Cask Strength is bottled at a higher proof than either Maker’s Mark. But the higher alcohol content of the Cask Strength isn’t the story here –it’s the taste. The higher proof doesn’t overwhelm the bourbon. Rather, it intensifies the rich oak, vanilla and caramel that are the signature flavours of Maker’s Mark.

Tasting notes

Colour : Bright, deep amber.
Aroma : Big Oak, Vanilla and Smoky Charcoal.
Taste : Richer more robust flavours of spice, vanilla and smoke.
Finish : Longer finish on front of tongue with no roughness or bitterness.

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