Explore your senses with Havana Club Añejo 7 Años

Explore your senses with Havana Club Añejo 7 Años

Published: 19 Jul 2017

Havana 7 holds the tastes of the Cuban terroir: aromatic tobacco, the sweet tropical fruits of the Cuban garden, molasses, spices and vanilla from the long ageing unfold, enhanced by the slow release of aromas.

It's the way they make it...

In the late 1960s the Maestros del Ron Cubano pioneered a new chapter in Cuban rum. For Havana 7 they created the ‘continuous ageing’ process: part of each final batch of Havana 7 is put back in the barrel to age, to be used in a future production - so keeping the spirit of Havana 7 alive. This creates the great complexity that makes drinking their premium Cuban sipping rum a true exploration of Cuban flavours.

Rum Old Fashioned 



"The Old Fashioned was the first cocktail.
When it was invented they probably made it with rum.
With aged Cuban rum it becomes so smooth and elegant!"

Julien Escot,
Papa Doble Manager. Grand Prix 2012 winner, jury 2014


If you're flying through Heathrow Terminal 5 this month visit us to experience 'A Night in Cuba' with Havana 7. 6am - 9pm daily.


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